Introduction – who are we?

It is a great honor to have you all here. As you know, the primary goal of this page was to provide you with hacking applications for your favorite mobile productions.

To do that, it was necessary to come up with an idea of how to bypass and crack securities, and then how to put everything in one, bright, and user-friendly application. To do that, we decided to form a group that is composed of the most skillful and the most reliable programmers.

A few words about us

The group of friends from IT studies decided to follow their hobby and create a place that will let everyone enjoy one of the best sources of entertainment – video games! We are the people, who have always loved playing computer games.

Since the beginning we knew that in the future we would be involved in the process of programming, thus creating the variety of titles. Unfortunately, one can notice an annoying thing – micro-payment systems.

Some authors enable this system to offer some visual customizations and changes. Nevertheless, there are plenty of groups, who choose this type of payments model because it’s much easier for the players to boost their accounts. We decided to change that.

After several years of programming, we figured out it is a good idea to start a page, where people from all around the world will be able to use facilitating programs.

What can we offer?

We are the team of professionals, who always focus on bringing you the highest quality productions that are perfected in every detail. There is no side of our software that isn’t created with the thought of the smallest feature.

We can offer you not only effectiveness and clarity but also safety and functionality! There are several exciting functions you all should take into account while browsing through our tools. First of all, we always make sure that our applications are safe.

Second of all, we always take care of every element related to safety. That is why our applications are created in closed, hence safe environment. We never release applications that contain dangerous files.