Frequently Asked Questions is the section we decided to create for everyone, who has additional inquiries regarding our software as well as our services. In here you can find some extra information and interesting facts!

Who came up with the idea of founding

We wanted to create a page that will offer things you can get from micro-transactions. Since we are the fans of mobile games, we figured out it will be a great combination of our hobby with useful services. But more about our site can be found in “About Us” sub-page!

How does the application work?

It is effortless and user-friendly. We designed it in the way everyone can without any problems or difficulties enjoy it. Thanks to a well-defined interface that doesn’t contain any unnecessary buttons, third-party programs, or advertisements, you just launch it, type in your account name, and choose what features you wish to have!

Is it safe to use your applications?

Thanks to including special safety precautions in the form of proxy servers, anti-ban scripts, and our own, authorship encryption codes, we are more than sure nothing wrong will happen to you while using our tools. Invisible access to game servers we enable is something you are not going to find anywhere else!

Can I scan your programs with my antivirus?

Go ahead! You are more than welcome to do that! There’s nothing we want to hide, nothing we don’t want to tell you. All things regarding safety and legitimacy have been proved multiple times. Any and all antiviruses will confirm that. Our website is certified with HTTPS, what means it is not only safe but also swift and stable!